We install CCTV for businesses. We do some home and commercial alarms but I want to start a new division in my company.
    Up until recently the technology has just not been there to use Surveillance Cameras to monitor outdoor commercial businesses such as car lots and rental equipment businesses.  However, Artificial intelligence in Video Analytics has now made it possible to monitor these assets with very low to no false alarms.
    I want to offer an alternative solution to these businesses that now use guards. Cameras with 24/7 monitoring can provide the same coverage at a fraction of the cost. It would be safer; no shooting.
Do you think your commercial all in one can cover this type of service or would I need a more extensive contract?
    To give you an idea of the service we are gone to charge $100.00 per month per zone.   A zone can cover 600 to a 1000 square feet. When a human or automobile enters the “forbidden” zone the monitoring station can see what’s going on and makes the appropriate call. Dispatch the police or tell the perp to get off the property through a load speaker.
name withheld
    No doubt that camera surveillance and monitoring is going to give the stationary guard business a run for their money.  Cameras are already adding tremendous growth opportunity for the alarm industry, both in sales and RMR for monitoring and repair service.  Our Standard Form Agreements have kept pace with technology.  
    The Standard Commercial All in One and the Standard Residential All in One cover cameras, including the sale [or lease], installation, monitoring [self or professional], interactive services including audio as well as video monitoring, inspection and repair.  These forms will also cover other electronic security services you most likely offer.
    For temporary sites or sites that require surveillance equipment to be movable, we have created the Commercial Mobile Surveillance Lease.  This is the "alarm in a box" for commercial use [though can be used for vacant homes and properties].  The "mobile" [on a trailer or easily moved] "box" contains all of the technology to provide the surveillance, such as battery operation, cameras, audio, motion detection, communication.  Does it all except roam the site [that's next once they make the unit with feet].  
    Don't wait until you're last on the block to offer this service.