I have a commercial customer asking me to install 4 cameras on his neighbors commercial building to the left, and 4 cameras on the building to the right. I was told the building owners would give consent.  What would I need from the neIghborIng apartment buIldIngs as far as agreement.   Also all 8 cameras are to be wired back to my customers building for recording. The reason for this is to make sure the homeless clIents of my customer are not hanging outside or in the lobby of the neighboring buildings.  I will also have to suspend wire rope, (aviation cable) from building to building to allow for wiring.  What contract would they all sign?  Thanks for your newsletter. I look forward to it every morning.
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    You should be installing the cameras for your subscriber pursuant to a Commercial All in One.  The adjoining property owners should provide you with their consent to the installation since that installation will be on their property.  You will need written consent from the adjoining property owners to enter upon their property and perform the installation.  That consent should make clear that the property owner is not your subscriber and that the installation is being performed pursuant to an agreement between you and your subscriber.  The consent form should make clear that the property owner is not expecting any benefit from the installation other than to assist their adjoining property owner, your subscriber, to better protect its property and manage it's tenants or residents.
    You should expect that the adjoining property owner is going to insist on you having proper insurance, agreeing to indemnify against any property damage associated with the installation or removal of the cameras, and naming the property owner as an additional insured.  You will be expected to have workers comp and general liability insurance.  
    We are Honeywell dealers for alarm services.  They recently came out with an added product line using their Total Connect platform.  It is GPS tracking for both residential and commercial clients.  The box inserts in the users vehicle and the administrator is able to track them via a software program.  It doesn’t appear that the alarm dealers have adopted a different agreement but instead have opted to continue using their main alarm services agreement.  We are just about to do a bit of marketing in this area to increase our RMR but I want to be sure we are covered liability wise.  Your thoughts? 
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Steve Sopkin, President
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    We do not include GPS tracking in the Standard Residential All in One or the Standard Commercial All in One.  We do offer a separate GPS Tracking Agreement which you order at www.alarmcontracts.com.  
    GPS Tracking can be added to the All in One Agreements but would require additional provisions that are not presently included.  
    Like PERS the GPS Tracking equipment and services lend themselves to nationwide marketing and subscribers.  You'll need the nationwide forms to conduct business with subscribers nationwide.
    GPS Tracking is also included in some of our PERS Agreement forms.  Call our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at 516 747 6700 x 312 for details.