I am a licenced contractor here in Riverside County, California. I have been asked to install cameras in the bedrooms of a Addiction Recovery Group Home.   I am looking to protect my self and company.   Is this ok? 
Keith in California
    It's wise that you're concerned, but in this case I think there is a way to protect yourself.  Although the Standard Form Agreements all provide for subscriber indemnification of the alarm company there would obviously be no indemnity for criminal acts, and in any event indemnity doesn't get you off the hook, it only provides a source to recoup your loss.  When you are preparing the Schedule of Equipment and Services [a rider to the All in One] I would include the following, or something to this effect:
    "Subscriber represents that it has obtained written approval from its residents [patients or whatever they call them] for installation of surveillance cameras in their private bedrooms.  Subscriber represents that it intends to use the cameras in connection with patient care and in a confidential and lawful manner.  Subscriber shall indemnify and hold Alarm Company harmless from any claims, suits and damages. including legal fees, related to the installation and viewing of the cameras installed pursuant to this agreement."

    The Subscriber should be including the consent to the cameras in its Intake Form or Patient Agreement.  The Subscriber undoubtedly also has health consent forms which can include the camera viewing.  Needless to say, if audio is installed then consent would be needed for that.  You can view the California law on this at https://www.kirschenbaumesq.com/article/cal-pen-code-647-2008-disorderly-conduct-restrictions-on-probation.  Other states are also posted on our web site at https://www.kirschenbaumesq.com/page/alarm-law-issues
    I read in the Dec 6 2014 article about your alarm.com rider. We did not see that in the listing of your contracts. How do we arrange to purchase that?  We are upgrading all of our contracts and will be moving to your forms and need to include the Alarm.com rider.
    Alarm.com requires Dealers to have their subscribers sign Terms that protect alarm.com. If you are doing business with alarm.com you have signed a contract with alarm.com and agreed to have all of your subscribers agree to alarm.com's Terms,   Since these terms are different than the protective provisions we include in our Standard Form Agreements [which protect the alarm company] we add a rider for those alarm companies who have signed on with alarm.com.  
    After you order the Standard Form Agreements [the All in One forms are the most up to date and comprehensive forms] give our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda 516 747 6700 ext 312 a call and let her know you also need the alarm.com rider.  We will then reference that in the Standard Form we customize for you and provide you with the alarm.com rider.  Cost for this modification and rider is $250.