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Business Growth Idea



    I'd like to share an idea for additional business for alarm company owners - Fire Extinguisher Business, it’s a great way to add alarm sales.  I've written an article on this topic, reprinted below:





    If you want to increase your Alarm-Security sales you should consider adding another “Profit Center” to your Business. Think about this, most of us have all hired many sales people to get our new sales volume up to a higher level.  We usually have to hire 3 to 5 people before we can find one that produces good profits. The 2 or 3 that do not work out cost you about $15,000 before you decided to let them go. 

    One of the best answers I have found to resolve the expanded sales, has been to use my Fire Extinguisher Business to develop my sales leads.  When I owned Beltway Alarm Services in the Baltimore-Washington area, we also had Beltway Fire Equipment Company with 17 trucks on the road. Those Route Sales “Partners” produced enough quality sales leads to get me about 35 new monitored accounts per month, over what my sale department was able to produce.  The Fire Extinguisher sales & service produced about $3.4 million in sales or about $200,000 per service truck on the road.

    YOU NEED TO TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THIS OPPORTUNITY.  Every Business by Law must have their Fire Extinguisher tested and inspected each year. Our route sales drivers go into every business they can find, they get paid well to provide this service.  They make sure to tell every business owner they meet, that their company also can do their Alarms, access control, fire alarms, elevator telephones, Fire sprinkler Alarms and 20 other low voltage technology services. They get extra commissions for Video leads.  On the average we pay our “Route Sales Drivers (“Partners”) $50 for a lead that produces R.M.R.  It’s interesting to note that our Route Sales People call on Commercial, Institutional, government and other non-residential clients.  This Marketing effort produces many residential R.M.R. accounts.  About 50% of all our “cut in’s to the Central Station” are residential system.  Every Business owner, their employees, friends and vendors live in a home that needs better protection.  

    EVERY NEW BUSINESS HAS TO HAVE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS we have about 20 systems & programs that get us in front of every new business opening up.  We make a good profit selling them the Fire Extinguisher, but we make much more selling them all our other services and building our “EQUITY” in that R.M.R.  We want to help you get into this Business.  We have everything you need; we get you into a Full Service van that is a complete mobile Fire Extinguisher shop.  We train your Route Sales Driver.  The Fire Extinguisher business should give you a net profit of 18% and at the same time double your new sales. Quality leads is the name of the game.  When you let me be your “Coach” and Broker, I will sell your Fire Extinguisher business for several “Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars”. I sold Beltway Fire Equipment for over $1.7 million.   Getting you into this Business can add more than $1 Million to the value of your business; let’s have a meeting or phone conversation to talk about the opportunity and the details.

    THIS IS AN EASY “PROFIT CENTER” TO ADD TO YOUR ALARM-SECURITY BUSINESS.  As your “Coach”, I will connect you to all the key vendors and get you the best prices.  We provide the training and management help you need for a full year of good training and education.  If one mobile truck found you leads that produced sales that got you 5 new R.M.R accounts each month, it would be the best investment you ever made for the growth of your business. 5 accounts is about $5,000 of equity gain.  When you add your 2nd truck, you double those figures.  This week I am putting 2 more new trucks on the road, for Midway Alarms & Fire.  This Company has been in Business for over 25 years, I have helped them more than double their new sales this year.

    Please send me an e-mail or call me for a complete package on this opportunity.

Dennis Riley 

“Coach to the Alarm-Security Industry” 

cell 240-462-8220




    Like the fire alarm business, fire prevention devices and the fire prevention business is highly regulated.   Consequences for failing to perform your services in a proper manner can be catastrophic.  Be sure you are properly licensed for the services you perform and that you have proper contracts to protect you.  Two standard forms available at are Standard Fire Equipment Suppression Alarm Sales Contract and  Fire Sprionkler / Extinguisher Equipment Service Contract.  I suggest you get proper contracts before you look for your first job.