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Assigning contracts with credit card authorization / Comment on fake smoke detectors
November 16,  2019
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Assigning contracts with credit card authorization
            We are a client and user of your Standard Residential Security Agreement and Standard Commercial Security Agreement.
            We are assigning our contracts to Buyer (another alarm company).  Since the contracts contain an authorization to auto-bill a credit card, and some of them are completed and contain the customer's credit card information and authorization to bill, and they are in-fact billed using this credit card information, I just want to make sure we are allowed to furnish copies of these contracts to the new company when completing the assignment.
   Thank you very much for your clarification.
Name withheld
            I checked with Tom Aronica from SkyBank Financial and he concurs with the following:
            If you assign the contract I think the cc info goes with it -- but buyer should check with its credit card processor to find out if it wants buyer to get new credit card authorization running to the buyer.  Getting new authorization may be preferable, though I can see why a buyer would not want to make that effort.  The buyer certainly needs to safe-guard the credit card information.  Both you and the buyer should have Red Flag policies in place and notice on your website how you treat confidential customer information.  We do offer the website notice as one of our Standardized forms at  It’s the Privacy Statement for Website form.
Comments on fake smoke detectors from November 8, 2019
            In regards to the smoke detector camera article by Sperry West:
     As people have mentioned in the past in your newsletter, they are against the law in Massachusetts as are any other devices that mimic life safety devices.
     "The installation or use, in any building, of any device or object that reasonable appears to be a smoke detector, sprinkler head, carbon monoxide alarm, heat detector or any other similar device, used for life safety or fire protection that is, in fact, neither designed nor capable of performing such life safety or fire protection function, shall be prohibited.”
Greg Smizer
Sprint Security Inc
    Perhaps I’m wrong, but I was of the understanding that if a camera is disguised as a smoke detector, it had better function like a smoke detector as well.
Bob Klein
RK Electronic Services LLC
Monroe, CT 
            I think fake smoke detectors are a bad idea even if your jurisdiction doesn’t prohibit it.  One thing is for sure, the fake smoke detectors would have to be carefully disclosed in the All in One in the Schedule of Equipment and Services and would also be noted in the Disclaimer Notice.

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