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are you better off using the All in One even for limited services/follow up on options for selling or growing your alarm business
August 19, 2017
are you better off using the All in One even for limited services
    We have your Fire Alarm All in One contract, but there are some customers that are only subscribing for one service- example, maybe burglar alarm monitoring. Do you recommend having customers sign the complete all in one contract, leaving the fire alarm portion blank or should we issue it differently?
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    The All in One is designed to encourage that all offered services be contracted and paid for by the subscriber.  This is particularly the case for commercial fire because the services are, for the most part, not optional, but required by law.  For instance, installation pursuant to code may be required.  Those systems will need inspection and monitoring.  At some point the system will need repair services.  These are RMR services that you need to be including in your contract.  The bst time to sign up these RMR items are when you're making the sale and agreeing to the purchase price and installation charges.
    There may be items that you never sell, never provide and don't need in the contract.  Runner service is a decent example; not required in all jurisdictions, but we include it in the All in One.  Yes, you can take it out.        Why leave it in?  Because you do offer additional equipment and more services and even if you don't have the personnel to offer a particularly service you can almost always make arrangement for those services as long as your subscriber is willing to pay the cost.  
     Your question is confusing and I don't want anyone to miss the more important issue.  You have the Fire All in One and you're wondering what happens when your subscriber wants burglar alarm monitoring?  Well your Fire Alarm All in One doesn't cover burglar alarm monitoring; you need the Commercial All in One for security and other non-fire systems with RMR.  
follow up on options for selling or growing your alarm business from July 18, 2017 article
    Alarm Funding Associates offers the most flexible source of financing in the security industry.  Here are some examples.
  • Outright sale of RMR,  Pretty straight forward.  Sell all or create an exit strategy.
  • Partial sale of RMR,  Use to buy out partner, expand business, or just take some chips off the table.
  • Equity split,  Use AFA to help finance a larger acquisition.  You buy some, we buy some.
    In all cases AFA bills customer under your name, you keep the customer relationship, the upsell and service revenue.  You keep your company name and branding, we are completely invisible.
    The extra we offer is, once a partner with AFA, you can continue to sell smaller blocks of accounts as needed.
    A dealer could feel free to advertise “Low Down” systems and sell to AFA to generate cash flow.
Most “Dealer” Type programs leave you with little choice and building your brand is not part of their program.     Critical to our valuation is a solid contract.  In all cases we value the customer based upon a solid assignable contract.  Whenever possible we recommended a new signed contract and the Kirshenbaum contract has all the elements needed for the highest multiples.
Gary Corsale
Alarm Funding Associates
800 971-1635 X 209


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