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Are chiropractors offices required to have a monitored alarm system to protect confidential patient records, including credit card info?

Jonathan Willis




    Doctors are subject to HIPA rules which require that they maintain the confidentiality of their patients records.  Other businesses are also req uired to maintain confidential information, and that includes alarm companies.  Alarm systems are not required, but companies do require a Red Flag Policy.  We offer a Red Flag Policy for a nominal charge.  Contact our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at 516 747 6700 x 312 to order your Red Flag Policy.

    Alarm companies compile sensitive information about their subscriber.  If you have a legitimate reason you may request social security numbers.  You can use this information to check credit and it will come in handy should you have to sue your subscriber for breach of contract and engage in collection procedures.  Other sensitive information is details of security systems, passwords and response procedures.  Does this need to be locked in an alarmed area?  Not necessarily.  It just needs to be maintained in a safe place and more importantly all of your employees who have access to this sensitive information must be trained and understand the sensitive nature of the information and the need to keep it confidential.  That's where the Red Flag Handbook and Policy comes into play.  You need to be able to show you have a policy in place and that your employees were properly trained.  You train them by having them read and sign off acknowledging that they have read your Red Flag Policy.  

    Doctors have to have their own Red Flag Policy, but no alarm is required.

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