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Are Alarmnet charges for overages unfair / comment on who owns fire alarm repair records
June 23, 2018
Are Alarmnet charges for overages unfair 
      It has been awhile since my last rant, but I think this is something that all alarm dealers should be made aware of, in case they didn't already know. 
            In the world of cellular radio communications for alarm reporting, the norm has become "unlimited signals" for a set fee.  Both StarLink and charge a set fee.  There are no overages.  So of course, what does Alarmnet do?  Not only do they charge what I feel is an exorbitant rate for overages ($0.15 per signal over what is in your plan,) but on Friday I got notified by Alarmnet that they are raising their rates on top of that.  This is reminiscent of back in the bad old days when you paid for text messages, and it was the same fee ($0.15) per text over the allotted amount.  How is it that suddenly, you can have unlimited text an voice minutes and they are still making money?  And here at the low end of their subscriber scale Alarmnet feels that they can stick it to the alarm dealers?
     I am a long time Ademco/Pittway/Honeywell dealer.  I have used their products for longer than I care to remember.  For me, I am considering this the last straw.  I thought that I was at a point in my career where I would not have to learn even one more platform.  Believe me when I tell you, it isn't about the money.  It is all about the arrogance of a large corporation who feels that they can stick it to the little guys.  So I will get my techs trained on a new platform and start using one of the cellular radios that offers an all-inclusive pricing schedule.
            I'm sure in the eyes of Honeywell and Alarmnet, my business is inconsequential to them.  But if enough little guys stop using their product, maybe they will wake up and smell the coffee.  On top of that, I have seen demonstrations for the use of StarLink and remote services and they are much faster than Total Connect.  If Honeywell had come out with an upgraded software that was going to require a small increase, I don't think I would have been so annoyed.  The more people who use it, the slower its response.  It just seems that as of late, Total Connect should be re-named "Total DisConnect."
As always,
John from NJ
comment on who owns fire alarm repair records from June 8 2018 article
            The owner who received the violation must sign off on a form sent to them by NYC certifying that the repairs were made.  They need to attach a letter from the FDNY approved service company stating what repairs were made and that the system is now operating normally.
Jeff Siegel
            That doesn't address who owns the records when one owner sells to another who then asks for the records when it isn't your customer any longer.  You are correct that a fire alarm violation is issued to the property owner if it involves the system.  A violation could issue to the alarm company if it's for working without permit and probably other issues relating to the alarm company's actions.  The deficiencies in the system,  or lack of permit is a violation for the property owner.  Excessive false alarms that cause a violation will require confirmation from the owner, verified by the alarm company, that the problem has been fixed.  Regular inspection reports are also, presumably, delivered to the AHJ. 
            But this was the question.  Property owner, who is the subscriber, calls for and pays for a repair to the fire alarm system.  Repair is made.  Property owner then sells building to New Property Owner, who declines to become a subscriber, yet demands the Repair Record and the repair history.  Should the alarm company be required to turn over the records to the fire alarm system to the New Property Owner?  I say no.

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