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appreciate those who help you / cyber security
December 25, 2018
More comments on missed opportunities from articles on December 11 and 17, 2018
appreciate those who help you
    Most of you are home today with family and friends. There are those in the alarm industry who are not at home; They are working. They are performing emergency service on fire alarms or access control or other security, fire or environmental systems; maybe a pull-cord system. Others are manning the central stations who, unlike our broken postal service, actually do work through "snow, rain, heat or gloom of night". They are truly the back bone of the industry and this is the time of they year to acknowledge their contribution to your success. Trust me, they will appreciate your acknowledgment of their hard work and loyalty. 
    And for those that don't work so hard and have questionable loyalty, I hope you've had them sign an Employment Agreement.
cyber security
    Have you thought about doing some more topics on Cybersecurity a little more frequently?
    There is an increase in attacks to the small businesses. Recently a local security contractor was hit by Malware and had to send an email to a very large list of recipients telling them not open emails as they were hacked. (be careful on posting this, because I was on the list and he knows me well).
    I have a 15 year background in Corporate IT Security and understand how cyberattacks to small business impact their bottom line and are increasing and getting more sophisticated. I have partnerships with many IT platforms such as SonicWALL, CISCO, Webroot, Symantec, and Acronis and others so I can provide more value to my customers.
    I take my cyber security very seriously. In fact, not only do I have a SonicWALL network security appliance at the office but I also have one at home. Sometimes I work form home and also, I want to keep the kids honest and protected.
I find oftentimes than not, the small business owner ignores the threats because (1) they think they are small and not a target (fatal error there) and (2) normally they do not have the skills to properly manage their IT security. They also feel it is expensive but in reality it is a cheap price to pay compared to a breach.
    Cyber security is the sort of thing you don't give much thought about until you suffer a breach. My office was hacked and it took our IT all day to kick the intruder out and restore our system. Pretty scary.
    The Standard Form Agreements do have provisions that make clear that systems that connect to the Internet or have remote access via cellular or other communication pathways, are subject to hacking. The Standard Form Agreements provide contractual protection against claims for breach of the system, cyber security.
    Some of you are using contracts that pre-date remote access devices and services. In fact some of you are using contracts that pre-date the Internet, at least the advent of popular use of it. Still, others are not using any contracts and they are truly the hopeless bunch. And, yes, you should care about them. Why? You may be in the market to buy accounts one day, and theirs won't be worth looking at. 

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