After years of working in the industry and more recently with security dealers, the number one challenge I see with the average owner is they are technicians first, not business people.  Many started as a technician working for someone else and decided to strike out on their own, not understanding there is huge difference in working in your business vs. working on your business.  Their business is really just a job with the added joys of the associated challenges of owning the business.
    Take the VoIP opportunity you posted the other day, and let's say it was a goldmine of an opportunity (Not saying it is or isn't). I challenge your readers to ask themselves this,
    What would my response be?
1) Wow how do I make that work in my business.
2) Or, I just don’t have time right now, maybe in a few months when I get X, Y and Z done.
Name withheld please.
    This is actually the point.  You're in the RMR business.  Find ways to increase that RMR, supplement your services that provide for RMR.  MongoTel approached me because it wants to distribute its VoIP service through alarm companies.  Maybe it's a good fit for you.