I am copying you on an email I sent to all of our alarm dealers.  You may put it in your newsletter if you so choose…. Thank you, 
Bob Keefe
All American Monitoring
To All Alarm Dealers,
    Recently Ken Kirschenbaum posted an article in his daily news and commentary column by Scott Goldfine the editor of SSI. In the article Scott stood up for our industry regarding the negative advertising of folks like us by a certain DIY company for which we all Thank him. We all have worked tirelessly at our very best over the years to comply with licensing requirements by so many states and municipalities while doing everything we can to cooperate with police agencies everywhere in the pursuit of reducing false alarms. I believe we have all done a great job. As a result we must by law be licensed alarm contractors in most places for these reasons and to protect the public at large. It seems to me that alarm monitoring and yes system maintenance are both valuable in that endeavor.
    What this email is about is to question why in the face of all these things we face daily why buying  a alarm system in a box by mail or at one of the giant chains then installed by a homeowner and yet requires none of the same scrutiny as described above. How can that be okay? In other words, do they get a free ride as the homeowner installed the alarm system? Part of my understanding of the logic of licensing laws and requirements was the burden of false alarms called into the police agencies everywhere so they and the municipalities wanted licensed professionals instead of systems just installed by whomever.
I could remain silent but I know first hand all the hard work each of you alarm dealers puts out each day to make a living while doing your very best for your customers, keeping false alarms to a minimum and complying with the many licensing laws and requirements. Therefore I feel a responsibility to also speak out.
    I also wonder why any Central Station would want to monitor for the DIY’s. Does doing that undermine the very Alarm Dealers we have monitored for and supported us all these years?
I send this out with these questions and ask those who work with the various alarm ordinances with police across the country and the various states and municipalities if my comments have basis, should they be addressed or am I somehow incorrect?
    I would appreciate feedback from our alarm dealers and others who work for and in this industry.
Thank you,
Bob Keefe
All American Monitoring
Open letter to Scott,
    I like many others in the alarm industry appreciate your shout out regarding SimpliSafe statements about those of us who have worked for many years doing all we can to do our very best for those folks who use our services. We also work to reduce false alarms and comply with all the licensing laws too. I attach an email that I sent to our dealers across the country asking specific questions regarding the bypassing of all these laws and ordinances we comply on a daily basis. I received a number of responses that were in agreement. I did receive one that indicated he felt a homeowner should be allowed to install whatever they chose in their home. There is no argument from me regarding that. I think the issue changes however when the alarm signal or outside audible device enters the public domain going to police agencies or disturbs neighbors and such. I and others think that is when it should be subject to the same rigid rules and enforcement that all professional alarm installers must deal with each and every day. Many police agencies also require a professional alarm technician to inspect the system after a false alarm.
    My argument is prior to that. By and large we must all be licensed by states, counties and such before we can offer a system in the public domain for monitoring and indeed installations.
Scott, while I do enclose the letter I wrote to our dealers I am not asking you to print it. What I do ask is if you are in agreement that perhaps it would be best that you write about these issues as I truly believe your voice would be received in places mine would not. Folks like you and Ken Kirschenbaum have highly respected voices across the industry and it is my hope those who deal with alarm ordinances working directly with municipalities, licensing  and police agencies across the country will hear it. http://siacinc.org is one organization who deals with ordinances and the various mentioned agencies your voice  may be heard in.
    Alarm dealers need your continued support by the continued lending of your voice.
    I don't know who monitors for SimpliSafe but according to its website  they indicate being monitored by another company. I ask in my letter that how can any Central Station monitor for a company that undermines the very dealers that have supported that Central Station over the years?
Thank you,
Bob Keefe
All American Monitoring