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All in One coverage / fining the alarm co
 December 21, 2017
All in One coverage
    Many thanks for your newsletter and questions answered. With the All in One contract can it be used for access control, alarm, cctv, maintenance and service contracts?  Are we also protected from any I.T. Issues as well as hacking? If so, do we need to cross out any sections that do not apply?  What is the cost of the contract? Thanks very much,
    There are several All in One Standard Form Agreements.  ResidentialCommercialCommercial FireHome Automation and Integration.  You are asking about the Residential or Commercial agreements.  Both cover alarms [the residential covers fire as well], cameras, access control and other security equipment and services.  The contracts also deal with hacking issues and the vulnerability of the Internet and limits of security protection.  The contracts include a Schedule of Equipment and Services, which can be your proposal form, where you describe the equipment and services.  The contract also has the services itemized and you select those services by checking the corresponding boxes.  
    The contracts are constantly being updated.  Within the last few weeks the Fire All in One added Area of Refuse system and the BDA system.  Obviously a company doesn't have to do all of the different services described in the contract, though offering all the services is probably a good idea, even if you have to bring in another company to provide the services. 
    The Standard Form Agreements are offered at  Cost?  A lot cheaper in the long run than trying to do business without a proper contract.  Call our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at 516 747 6700 x 312 for assistance selecting the forms you need.
fining the alarm co
    I’m the guy that convinced our city to enact an ordinance to fine the alarm companies instead of the customer. It did pass and become an ordinance but then the California Alarm Association came to Chico with their threat of a $300k war chest ready to suit the city if they refused to rescind the ordinance. So I lost and sold my company. Now the CAA has lobbied and got a state bill passed so no city can enact any such ordinance.  
    Well, I'm not sure why anyone who owned an alarm company would want such a law that fined the alarm company for the false alarm, but I think the CAA did the right thing challenging that law.  The fine belongs with the subscriber, who either didn't bother to learn how to use the system, avoid false alarms, bother to call the central station, didn't want to service or replace the systems to avoid false alarms, etc.  One other possibility.  A subscriber who used a disreputable alarm company to install or service the system.  That alarm company shouldn't cause all alarm companies to bear the expense of the fines; that alarm company should lose its license and be forced out of business. 
    Leo signed up for the newsletter and I didn't recognize his email address so I asked if he was in the alarm industry [which you should be to be if you're getting the newsletter] and he responded with his comment.
    PS.  The Standard Form Agreements all require the subscriber to pay false alarm fines and reimburse the alarm company for any fines the alarm company has to pay.   
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