Alarm response has been a big topic in your recent  newsletters so the PPVAR event at ISC West was very timely.  Leaders from  law enforcement, insurance, and the alarm industry explained their support for  video verified alarms and why they mattered.  Partnership for Priority Video Alarm Response (PPVAR) [web site at www.ppvar.org ] was established to educate all electronic security stakeholders on the value of video to verify alarm activity during the dispatch process and ultimately reduce false alarms and increase apprehension rates for burglar alarm customers.  PPVAR is comprised of members from Law Enforcement, the Insurance Industry and the Electronic Security Industry to fairly represent all interests in the battle against property crime to provide the most reliable and cost effective alarm response to the end user.
    At the session, SDM Magazine passed out an editorial  written in 1976 that describes a different alarm business as a strong  partnership with police. Laura Stepanek is working on an article that  explores the partnership the
PPVAR is rebuilding.  This amazing 1976  editorial describes the value of arrests and links arrests to quick response  time;  the goals of the PPVAR but spoken almost 40 years ago in  1976.  You can read the article here:
    I am certain that SDM would welcome input from your  readers.
Keith Jentoft
    Thanks. Keith is at the forefront of video verification which I believe more and more jurisdictions will accept in place of ECV [multiple telephone calls to premises and subscriber].  Alarm verification has probably been the single most effective way to reduce false alarms.  Other false alarm preventative measures, such as better equipment, better installation, more careful monitoring, better central station procedures also contribute to the cause of reducing false alarms.  Keith's product - video clips to verify a break in or actual picture of the premises has also contributed to faster police response [because they know someone is actually in the premises] and actual arrests [because they get there and also know what the intruders look like].  Keith sent me a videofied system which I had installed.  Luckily no break in yet.  
    The All in One contracts cover Videofied and other video and audio services that contribute to reduced false alarms and better security.  The contracts describe the services and separate charge for these services, so the contracts pay for themselves quickly.  
    Keith, thanks for keeping us informed.
The Hartford again
    Regarding the comment on The Hartford no longer being interested in writing workers compensation.
It's  my understanding recently, from The Hartford, that they are no longer targeting mono-line workers compensation.
     With that said, I have put together insurance programs for clients where The Hartford had other coverage, such as auto or property and then would entertain the workers compensation coverage.
     It is not just an alarm industry stance.  The Hartford has taken a stronger stance on comp for all industries in my recent experience. There are a whole host of other carriers that will write the workers comp as well so it does not leave a gaping whole for the alarm industry. 
Brian J. Villari, CLCS
    Dumping your E&O with Hartford and going to a different E&O carrier with alarm industry experience and more sensitive to the alarm industry won't leave the Hartford without plenty of other business - and then it can pursue its claims against alarm companies without worrying about the criticism.


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