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    Regarding electronic signatures:
    I see regular posts from people asking or commenting on electronic signature use. About 6 years ago I sold some property in California (I am in NY). I used Acrobat’s electronic signature that uses an encrypted key as part of it. It was accepted and went through without a hitch. This was a $1 million deal, and was the first deal this real estate agency had using electronic signatures. It was passed by their attorney and the buyer’s attorney, but I don’t know what legal status it would have had if it were contested.     Just saying you don’t necessarily need to use a service to affect an electronic signature.
    There are services you can use for electronic signatures and you can also use Adobe.  There are vendors on The Alarm Exchange that will assist you with Adobe and ways to get started with electronic signatures.  One advantage of electronic signatures is that you don't have to be concerned with the length of the contract since it's all on one page.
MonitoringContracts.com, Authorized Printer of Kirschenbaum ContractsTM, offers custom Alarm Certificates that are printed in triplicate (one for the file, one for the agent, and one for the homeowner). Theyhould be completed with the customer during the sale and mailed to the customer and their insurance agent after the install. Should the customer default, you'll have their insurance agent's information and
can forward a copy of the termination of service letter. Through the end of July, we will print 100 free triplicate certificates for any dealers who print 500 or more Kirschenbaum ContractsTM. We'll send 250
triplicate certificates with your order if you've purchased one of Ken's All-In-One agreements within the past year. Ask for Chris when you call. Make sure you tell Chris you're one of the smartest people in the world because you always use a contract and you start every day with FREE  industry specific legal advice.
Jake Voll
RESPONSE:  This printer is listed on The Alarm Exchange under Misc category.

    Re: complaints against central station
    Hi can you ask him what is the name of the central or salesman I'm looking  to switch as well and I'm considering NJ  central station he can send email  directly  to me, thank u.
name withheld
    I don't know the name of the central and I don't want to.  If the central isn't listed on The Alarm Exchange it means I have no relationship with them and I can't help you, the dealer, if there is any issue.  By that I mean I can't help you without charging you.  If a vendor, central station or other vendor, is on The Alarm Exchange then at the very least I expect them to treat dealers fairly and if I think they don't then they will lose their listing.  So you can be confident that vendors listed on The Alarm Exchange are who you should be doing business with.  Check them out and let me know if you have any issues that need resolving.  

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July 28: Connect to Existing System Installed by Others: What Are Your Duties? & Ambush, Panic and Holdup Systems-The Customers Lifeline to Safety and Security or Not?

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July 30: Residential Fire Alarm Systems-Life Safety or Fatal Flaws
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August 4: Central and Remote Station Monitoring Instructions- Are your instructions safe or foreseeably dangerous?
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