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4G radios / Comment on AHJ demanding more equipment  / Alternatives to Honeywell
August 15, 2019
4G radios
            Another problem with existing 4G radios: 
            I spoke to a tech at Alarmnet who said he recommends to start upgrading to LTE now because just like the 2G shutdown of December 31, 2016, AT&T and Verizon actually start shutting down that part of their system earlier to make sure the shut down across the entire country is complete by their turn off date. In other words, a 4G radio that works now in LA and another one that works in New Jersey one of them might not work a year of two before that actual shut down date. You will experience frequent service interruptions. The way you will know is when you get phone calls from customers complaining of a 0005 on their keypads indicating the communicator has lost contact with the cellular network. The 6150 keypad shows this as dF which stands for dialer failure. Most radios can restore on their own but it may take several minutes of even hours to do. You can have your customer clear it out only to have it happen again a few weeks or a few months later. If it keeps happening, upgrade them to LTE. I believe this issue and other cellular worries will account for more trips to the doctor and over prescribed use of anti depressants for more alarm company owners than any other issues before. I also heard, and you may have as well, that 5G may be a hackers dream come true do to the greater possibility of security comprises that can happen with it. God help us!    
            I’ve been reading several posts regarding AlarmNet 4G activations and wanted to provide some clarity for readers based on personal experience. If a dealer has a 4G radio with an ACTIVE sim card, AlarmNet support can bring the radio online for you. We’ve had several new 4G radios activated in the past couple of weeks. It is when the sim card is not active with the carrier that AlarmNet cannot assist.
            Didn’t know if this might be helpful to share with other readers?
Comment on AHJ demanding more equipment from August 2, 2019 article
            This is in response to the issue raised by a practitioner who had an issue with the AHJ requiring additional devices above and beyond NFPA 72 and other code requirements. The writer does not indicate which jurisdiction he operates in and/or from.  Additionally only mention is that the AHJ is requiring more devices than he believes to be contractually responsible for. To properly address the situation more information is needed.
            Depending on the structure of this contract he may or may not be required to provide the “at will” requirements of the AHJ. It is essential to keep in mind that NFPA 72 in general does not require a specific number of devices and relies on other appropriate codes and/or standards for the initial application. If the practitioner signed an agreement which requires him to provide any and all devices as required by the local code official (AHJ) then and his commitment will yield to those specified by the code official.
            It would be helpful for the clarification of the practitioner could provide additional information to assist him in determining whether the AHJ is acting appropriately or outside of his/her designated statutory authority levels.  Normally the AHJ (Code Enforcement Official) can only enforce what the code and specifications require.  There are situations in which additional devices may be required at the interpretation of the code official. Generally speaking, however, the building code supplemented by other standards such as a life safety code, NFPA 1 (Fire Code), NFPA 5000, etc. are the determining factors.
            Providing the practitioner with further assistance and opinion all requires additional information.  If the project is being done under any of the mentioned standards or the IBC then Building group type is essential.
There are two different aspects to the situation. The first aspect concerns codes and standards requirements. The second aspect is connected with a business decision. In situations such as this if the additional requirements are minimal from a project completion and sign up aspect yielding to the additional requirements could be expeditious. That is a cost consideration. From what was written it would appear that an onerous number of additional devices are required.  So what may exist here, is a combination of code requirements versus cost. Could you practitioner seek additional assistance who would be happy to render same when the specific requirements are addressed.
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Alternatives to Honeywell
            Everyone is talking about 4G sunset, I use Starlink radios from Napco and have about 350 in the field (Of which 110 are fire radios)
Since Napco does not sell these anymore I have been buying the LTE / 5G radios. The signal strength sucks in comparison to the older radios. Even in the attics of some of my customers.
            I carry an older 4g radio with me to test the difference in signal strength and without fail, every time the older radios are far better!!
I have a buddy of mine who is a cell tower engineer and he said that its night and day difference from 4G to 5G.
            It's like a single windy country road compared to a 16 lane highway (IN BOTH DIRECTIONS) the amount of data that can be transmitted is astronomical compared to what we currently available with 4G. It's just a matter of time before they increase certain aspects of the service. So I asked him when does he think that will happen, and he said approximately 10 YEARS! What we can wait that long. The industry will be dead by then. We need signal strength not speed!!!
            On a side note:
            We just got Netflix from FIOS and they needed to send me a new router / modem. When I set it up for the password there we 2 choices (FIOS - - - and FIOS - - -5G)
            So when I call Verizon tech support regarding the difference between the 2 choices to connect my devises like lap top, gaming equipment, and cell phones they instructed me to use the 5G for the speed, but that I should use the regular setting for my cell phone as 5G is quick but cannot go through floors and walls and the signal would not travel as far and that I would lose my Wi-Fi connection in my back yard, it all made sense and confirmed why we were having so many problems in the field with new radios.
            GREAT!-- this only confirms why my new radio installs are having major signal strength issues.
Napco is no help as the do not control the Verizon towers.
            Any thoughts or opinions?
Best and hopeful regards,
Dimitry Boss, President

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