In reference to general ethics and legality as it related to us as the dealer, the monitoring company- and (any 3rd party relationship that has their own dealer # with monitoring company i.e. an alarm industry funding company)
    We are approaching the final 2g Sunset “crunch period” per AT&T with March and April shut-down zip code lists already confirmed.
    QUESTION? I don’t see, legally or ethically where (the dealer) can continue to bill customer, (the monitoring company) can continue to bill the dealer or (an alarm industry funding company) much after 30 days or so of the customer’s site announced shut-down date per AT&T?  
    Simply put;  using the AT&T MARCH ZIP CODE SHUT-DOWN LIST – What are our (the dealers) legal & ethical options come March 31, 2016 for this batch and then each month thereafter to AT&T’s announced END DATE –January 1, 2017? We ALL know the customer has NO communications service!
    We just want to do the right thing, take proper care of customers BUT not leave ourselves open to legal actions. The quicker we can get this behind us the quicker we can recoup financially and move forward.
    FROM THE BEGINNING (Spring 2013): - We have been extremely proactive ever since we were made aware of the 2g Sunset! Especially the last 2+ years!
    Fast forward…Feb 2016
    CURRENT PHASE / APPROACH: Now sending each customer (as they come up on the MONTHLY AT&T zip code shut-down list) a to-the-point “call to action”  letter/email and continuing to making phone calls.
    *General text template MONTHLY
    Sometime in March 2016 (yes, next month) your alarm system monitoring will cease to communicate with the central station! We’ve tried to reach out to you several times but as of today have not heard back from you! We need to speak with you about this no later than February 29, 2016. Please call our office at 770-612-9073 now. What this means is that the monitoring center won’t receive any signals from your system to be able to notify you or the authorities in the event of an alarm situation. Why is this happening? Quite simply, changes in technology. All Cellular communication companies will no longer supporting legacy technologies and are slowly phasing them out network wide. YOUR alarm system communications IS impacted by this cellular technology change. What can you do about this so you always have protection? Contact us immediately and we’ll share with you a quick, inexpensive fix so you’ll continue to have alarm monitoring. In about five minutes, we’ll explain the details and get you taken care of. Call us right now at 770-612-9073 and in five minutes we’ll have you squared away. You can also send us an email at info@protectionconcepts.com and we’ll contact you. We appreciate your business and value your trust. Please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. Your protection is too important to wait!
    If the date on the “call to action” letter/email phone calls etc…has passed (i.e. March 31, 2016 for the AT&T March shut-down list ).
And there has been NO response (we’ve exhausted all avenues to contact customer) or the customer just won’t commit to changing out their 2g then the (FINAL) letter will be generated AND sent by registered/certified mail with Signature required.
    *General text template for FINAL registered letter –
    We have tried to contact you numerous times in regards to your alarm system communication aka “2g Sunset” and to keep you informed on a timely basis. This is a very serious letter and requires your immediate attention.  Your system is not communicating with the Central Station. You are not protected and should an emergency occur, the Monitoring Center we will not receive any signals from your alarm system therefore will not dispatch police, fire or medical emergency personnel. In our ongoing efforts and as a courtesy to provide you with the best protection and support, we are sending you this FINAL written reminder that.  Please be advised that on Thursday, March 31, 2016, your account will be closed
    With so many technological changes and choices now a days for your phone, internet and TV connections you must remember that ALL security systems are directly affected by any changes made by you or as in this case from the communications providers. Please contact us so we can assist you with alternative signal communications options. If we do not hear back from you by March 31, 2016 the account will be closed and generate your final invoice.  Again, we want to work with you and regret having to take this action. Also note, you are still under contract and that all terms of your contract are still in force.  You are responsible for the remaining balance due on your contract if applicable as well as the past due amount.
Janet Stone
    There are two issues that immediately come to mind regarding the 2g sunset.  I assume this means that communication pathway will terminate and any device using that pathway will no longer communicate.  If you're providing monitoring service you need to be concerned with

  • your liability since you won't be providing monitoring services
  • billing and collecting for monitoring services that you can't provide

    Unless you continued to install communication devices dependent upon 2g after you knew that technology was coming to an end, you are not responsible for installing new devices, assuming again that you use the Standard Form Agreements or your home made contract provides that you're not responsible for obsolete components or outdated communication pathways.  
    I think you should let the subscriber know that communication has to be changed.  Certified mail is a waste of money.  Regular mail is better and more reliable.  Too many people don't get the certified mail.  You're going to lose the receipt anyway, so don't bother.  Email is fine; keep a copy.  
    If you can remotely change the keypad readout to reat that no monitoring is possible I'd do that too.  
    Anyone else  have any ideas re 2g they's care to share?