Suppression systems, especially water sprinklers, do alert, they typically have alarms connected to them. 
Jeff S
    I agree with Dennis Dennis Riley from beltwaybrokerage.com that adding Fire Extinguisher’s can be a profitable “add on” to any security and fire alarm business. It can also be a step to being a “One Source” for all the life safety needs of a business. The more life safety services you add also makes it very hard for your competition to bid against you come contract renewal time. Facility managers, who are usually short staffed, welcome a “one source company”. This is similar to what Cable company’s do with “Bundled Services”.
    Adding services can get complicated however. Extinguisher services are usually regulated by individual municipalities. In NYC for example each tech has to pass a challenging FDNY exam to be certified. Each company who both sells and services extinguishers must be certified as well and have a servicing facility where the extinguishers are recharged and hydro tested. They must go thru an FDNY on site test every year just to keep your company certified. You just can’t buy extinguishers from a big box store and stick them on a wall.
Bob Williams
Briscoe Protection
    Both comments are good example of why the two services, fire alarm and fire protection, compliment each other.  If the water sprinklers alert by sending an alarm then an alarm company should have installed that detection and communication device.  The sprinkler pipes and system is installed by the Fire Suppression company.
    Though related services these are two different trades and will require different training, licenses, registration and certification.  And, they require different contracts.  The alarm services are covered by the Fire All in One.  The fire protection or suppression services are covered by the Fire Protection Agreement All in One.
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