I have a client who would like to install a covert camera in their mother’s nursing home room. It is a  private room and according to the client their mother is competent to agree to the installation. The client’s mother believes that the nursing home staff is stealing from her. Although some objects are missing, the client wants to confirm that theft is actually occurring before approaching the nursing home administration with the problem.
    We have installed covert equipment in nursing homes before but have done so at the request of the nursing home and not is areas where there is an expectation of privacy.  In this case it is the resident’s family (and resident) who wants the covert camera installed and not the nursing home. I do not believe that the staff has an expectation of privacy in this resident’s private room but wanted to get your thoughts. Also, If we do this work, I am not sure which of your contracts I would use. This room is the patient’s residence but the nursing home is a commercial business. 
    Should I use the residential or commercial all-in-one or a different contract? 
    Thank you.  
    I agree with your analysis, and I think you can do the installation.
    The expectation of privacy belongs to the resident, not the nursing home staff.  
    It appears that you will not be alerting the nursing home to the installation.  That could be a problem if you have to run wires, drill holes or otherwise damage the walls.  You also need to be careful not to view any area outside of our subscriber's room.  I would be careful installing cameras in the room's private bathroom since the nursing home staff may use the facility.  
    If you were contracting with the nursing home you would use the Commercial All in One.  Here you are contracting with the resident and it's her residence.  Use the Residential All in One.
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