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About the FTC Historic Ban on Most Non-Competes 06.20.24
Release as "Absolute Defense" to Lawsuit? 06.18.24
Failure to clock in, can I dock pay? 06.06.24
Whistle Blown on Medical Device Manufacturer Free Ski Trips etc 06.04.24
Employee lunch break mandatory? 05.30.24
Waiving Defense Consent, Penny-wise, Pound Foolish? 05.28.24
Cyber Insurance - Having it; Shopping it 05.23.24
Charging an Administrative Fee 05.09.24
The Next Class Action Lawsuit - Online Tracking Technologies 05.07.24
Terminating Patient Relationship 05.02.24
Applying with "Good Moral Character" 04.30.24
FTC Rule Banning Non-Competes, Where We Are At 04.25.24
John Arlia's take on President Trump’s Criminal Matter 04.18.24
Being Extorted by Former Employee 04.09.24
Contracting For Future Equity; Promises, Promises 04.04.24
Capital Contribution of Loan? 04.02.24
What is the Story with NY Covid Leave and Sick Pay? 03.27.24
EEOC Complaint - am I being sued? 03.19.24
Sweetening the pot: Employee Incentive Bonuses 03.14.24
Patient signed release and I refunded money, not attorney is requesting records. Now what? 03.12.24
No notes, Billing. Now what? 03.06.24
Patient Request: Access Logs 02.28.24
NY Non Compete Enforceability 02.21.24
2023 HIPAA Breaches Self-Reporting 02.13.24
Breaking An Unbreakable Vendor Contract 02.01.24
Why The “Net” In Collections Matters 01.30.24
2024 Training and Compliance Quick Checklist 01.17.24
Combatting Employee Apathy - Hiring Scarcity 01.11.24
How do I check if outside work is restricted? 01.09.24
New York’s Governor Hochul vetoes two significant pieces of legislation in the final days of 2023 01.04.24
Rescind offer after background check? 12.13.23
ADA Website compliance - legal shake down? 12.07.23
Waiting for Seller 12.05.23
Structuring Educational Loans For Employees 11.30.23
Partner over spending on corporate cards, now what? 11.28.23
Returning from leave, requesting hybrid work 11.14.23
Tips for Welcoming Fellows to the Practice 11.07.23
Physician Resources: What is the Committee for Physician Health? 10.31.23
Exiting an MSO Construct 10.25.23
Post-Mortem Request 10.18.23
Cooling off time for PE in healthcare 10.10.23
"Net Collections" being paid correctly? 10.04.23
Audacious and entitled employee, actions and allegations 09.28.23
A tale of Fraud - Conspiracy to Accept Kickbacks (Telemed Genetic Testing Scheme) 09.19.23
Trouble with Landlord, what's in your lease? 09.14.23
Retention Tactics in a Corporate Practice State - "Skin in the Game" 09.12.23
Retired employee threatening to sue for age discrimination 09.06.23
Selling to my associate. Tips? 08.31.23
Required to pay employee days out? 08.29.23
Can I charge Credit Card Surcharges in NY? 08.17.23
Required to post salaries in New York State starting September 2023 08.15.23
Non compete still enforceable? 07.26.23
Terminating a Payor Contract 07.20.23
Biden Administration Information Sourcing on Scam Insurance/Junk Fees/Medical Credit Cards 07.18.23
Can my Esthetician do Cool Sculpting? 07.11.23
Do I receive extra days for sick leave? 06.27.23
PE Buyer - Locking down EBITDA 06.22.23
Prepared for the great migration (to Florida!) 06.20.23
Proof Employee is Sick 06.15.23
Same terms, new non compete? 06.13.23
NYS Wrongful Death Law status (Senate Bill S6636, pending) 06.07.23
Prescribing too many opioids? 05.23.23
Overseas Investment Risk 05.16.23
Terminating Waste Removal Service 05.09.23
Flags for Investments 05.04.23
Testing Arrangements; paid for reads (red flags) 04.27.23
Quid Pro Quo: Refund for Release? 04.25.23
H1 Visa Company Ownership? 04.20.23
When flat rates for legal work makes sense 04.13.23
The cost of electing health insurance - Understanding your benefits 04.11.23
Medical Product Endorsements, do I have exposure? 03.30.23
Stock or stock options, the sexy new compensation 03.28.23
Follow up to Tax Exempt Entities - what's the difference? 501c3 v.501c6 03.21.23
Tax Exempt Entities - what's the difference? 501c3 v.501c6 03.16.23
Albany inserting DOH Public Health Council into your practice sale? 03.14.23
What should I title my new entity? 03.07.23
Investment Property - do I need a shell entity? 02.28.23
Why should I have my employment agreement reviewed? 02.23.23
Can I get a loan now for expansion? 02.21.23
Can I give notice via email? 02.14.23
Medi-Spa Medical Director a “Thing”? 02.08.23
Medicare Retirement 01.26.23
MSO Arrangement: Extricating from Broken Promises 01.24.23
End of Life Planning 01.20.23
Drug Testing Employees 01.17.23
Medly bankruptcy - a lesson on too big, too fast? 01.05.23
HIPAA Year End Reporting Requirements 12.20.22
Can a Doctor be subpoenaed to testify in a patient's divorce? 12.06.22
Escaping reach of Non Compete 12.01.22
How long do I have to retain Employee Records? 11.16.22
What is the "Warn Act" and should Elon Musk care about it? 11.08.22
Webdesigner holding site hostage 11.01.22
No Release, No Severance? 10.27.22
Rogue billing from prior Landlord 10.25.22
Can I Hire doctor under non compete restriction? 10.18.22
Compensation for narrative report? 10.13.22
Attorney request for narrative report 10.12.22
New York COVID-19 Sick Leave 10.04.22
Pay holiday for probationary new salaried employee? 09.22.22
Patient requested I amend their medical record. Now what? 09.20.22

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