August 10, 2018

Check out CNBC ZocDoc article and Jen's insight - 



If you are the employer or former employer of an eligible MLMIC policyholder and you paid or reimbursed the premiums on that policy but were not listed as the policy administrator or EPLIP employer, MLMIC has some good news.  MLMIC has publicly announced it "will honor” assignments of rights to the cash consideration from your employee/former employee to you.  See  MLMIC has even provided a form assignment agreement for this purpose (available here -  This is great news for employers who were unsure of their rights to obtain cash consideration.

So, if you haven't started the process - lets get moving on notifying employees you have a claim and intend on collecting.  If you wait and we do not notify MLMIC before the funds are distributed, you will be very sorry as the process and dynamics of the positions, leverage for payment shall shift dramatically.   For help, contact Robert Plosky, Esq. of our Healthcare Department at (516) 747-6700 x.329 or email him at - Rob is handling point for us and is unfortunately already gearing up to file suits against former employees.   

Related update - we are in receipt of certain solicitations being sent by healthcare practices that are not capable of even filing a lawsuit.  Be wary - do not think you are getting a deal or steal engaging counsel at a flat rate or low percentage without understanding what you are getting.  Certain employers most definitely will have to file a lawsuit or arbitration to settle the MLMIC funds.  Before it gets there, call us so we can evaluate and help you through the entire process - not just the easy phone calls and letter writing campaigns.