March 2, 2017 


Hello Jennifer, 

Thanks in advance for answering.  How often do I have to get OSHA training and who is required to get it? 

Thank you,
Dr. M


OSHA  training is required every 4 years - 
And the following professionals are required to take it - dental hygienists, dentists, licensed practical nurses, optometrists, physicians, physician assistants, podiatrists, registered professional nurses and specialist assistants. As of November 3, 2008, the requirement for training will also include medical students, medical residents, and physician assistant students.

You can take the course with any approved vendor.  They are listed on the State website.  

No changes have been made since 2008 by New York State.  

OSHA training requirements are determined by state legislature, so, each state may differ.  Be sure to check!