November 17, 2016


Hi Jennifer,

I signed a vendor contract the company is claiming has an auto renew but I swear I never got a copy of Page 3! No where else does it say renewal on it. And I just got an invoice! Where can I report them for being bad?

Thanks, Dr. T


To answer the reporting question - you can report a business for deceptive trade practices to the Better Business Bureau. As far as I know, each state has one. Here is the link to NYs -, NJs - and CTs - Now, depending on the circumstances you may be in a position where you are better served represented by counsel. If that is the case and a large sum is being requested, and threat of collection has been made by a lawyer or collection agency, send it over and we will take a look. I would say we are happy to handle, but more appropriately, we are available to help. These situations are never pleasant and no one wants to be spending good money towards bad.

Another option that sometimes works is threat of poor online reviews (as many of us with patients demanding refunds know all too well...). I've found many organizations implementing deceptive trade practices do so because the mantra and methodology has been accepted from a top down approach, and since the cancer is systemic a measly threat of bad review doesn't often get them to go away.... Most likely for this issue, you would be working with our commercial litigation department that specializes in "problem solving".