Provided by:  Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq.

 September 28, 2017




I received a suspension letter from my hospital where I have privileges.  Now what?

Please advise.

Dr. K

Sorry to hear.  I need to see the letter.  Generally speaking, internal review processes at institutions are just that - internal review processes, governed by internal procedure.  First thing, I will need to see the hospital protocol for suspensions.  What is the timing and process?  Will there be a hospital convened meeting to discuss?  An opportunity to be present or present your own facts?  Will you receive or have you received a basis for the suspension prior to?  Has a reporting to OPMC or the Data Bank been triggered yet?  The letter you received may answer some of the above.  Receipt and review of the hospital policies should answer the rest.  Maintaining a dialogue with the institution, if possible, is also preferred so we have a line in to the internal process and a potential to resolve prior to any final determination that may require hearing or outside review to challenge, which would be more difficult and expensive then amicable resolution or potentially voluntary resignation by you.