May 5, 2016


I was asked this question in a consult this past week and felt it important to share the discussion.  With the way medicine and dentistry has been going, we have a lot of employees reading this newsletter.  I was asked by a potential new client whether she gave proper notice to her boss.  Of course, she knew when asking she did not.  She conveyed in our discussion the contract between her and the employer required 60 days notice. She gave 1 week. The employer verbally acknowledged her email saying she "would not be coming in for a while because she had some family business to attend to". The contract contains a provision she owes $250 for each day of inadequate notice. We know the employer is litigious (as an employer should be in some instances, when an employee is potentially harming the practice). 

Now we wait.  Will the employer sue for the liquidated damages?  I can't answer that.  The contract is pretty straight forward.  I might recommend he do so to show the rest of his staff he means business if I were his lawyer. 

Tips for the day - abide by your contractual terms.  If you are considering a change, get your team (attorney, accountant, planner) involved BEFORE you act.  



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