November 21, 2012


I was approached by a Nurse Practitioner interested in collaborating.  What is my supervision requirement?

Thanks, Dr. K


With NPs its not really a supervision requirement, per se, as with other licensees who require you to be onsite or available by phone depending on the services being rendered.  Also, be advised that with the answer, the specifics vary depending on which State you are operating in.  In NY NPs are authorized to "collaborate" with physicians, and under a collaboration arrangement, the NP would be responsible for a physician to review their charts at least once every three months, as specified under NYS Education Law 6902(3)(c).  There are other requirements to the relationship, and as with any other arrangement,  you want to be sure to have proper agreements in place and compliance if you are looking to "collaborate" with another professional.  Also, once associated, you may potentially be opening yourself up to certain liability, including but not limited to misconduct should your collaborator be practicing outside the scope of their license (or within the scope and negligently, or worse).   Take the time and steps to ensure compliance.

Call with any questions or concerns on practice collaboration or structure. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!