January 13, 2015



My state does not require that I eprescribe, so I do not.  I have NY patients.  Do I have to eprescribe for them at their local pharmacies? 

You response is appreciated. 

Dr. L


Dr. L, you are not required to eprescribe for NY patients if you are not practicing in NY.  A paper scrip is fine.  

From NYS DOH FAQs - 

 Q11: I am not licensed or practicing in New York, but have a patient who uses a pharmacy in New York. Do I have to register my certified EPCS software application with BNE to send electronic prescriptions for controlled substances to pharmacies in the state of New York?

A11: Practitioners who are not practicing in New York State are not required to register their certified EPCS software application with BNE. They must follow their state’s law and regulations.

Similar, but reverse and worth referencing - 

Q12: Can I send an electronic prescription for a controlled substance to an out-of-state pharmacy?

A12: You may or may not be able to depending upon the laws of that state. The pharmacy must dispense the prescription following the laws of the state in which the prescription is being dispensed

For more information on ePrescribing, visit: https://www.health.ny.gov/professionals/narcotic/electronic_prescribing/docs/epcs_faqs.pdf


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