September 27, 2016


I think the Hospital I work for is building a record against me.  What should I do?

Dr. L


Dr. L, I hear this too often of late.  Many of your colleagues are in the same boat - whether the reasons behind the attention are due to patient care concerns, poor colleague relationship(s), substandard revenue generation, directional change of the institution, or other - too many doctors find themselves a "target" of a Hospital building a file against them.  

In this situation my advice is really going to be fact specific, so we need to talk offline.  I elected to use your question for the newsletter to draw light on the seriousness of the concern - IF YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE BEING TARGETED BY YOUR HOSPITAL, YOU MUST ACT, NOT WAIT.   Waiting for an institution to take action against you will most likely damage your ability to negotiate or extricate yourself from the situation on an amicable basis. Many Hospitals annoint themselves jury and judge, and nail down your professional fate in a separation. How to I mean?  Aren't I exaggerating?  Depends.  If a Hospital elects to terminate your privileges, or potentially report you to licensure for concerns or issues, you now find yourself in a career altering situation, exponentially worse then just out of a job.  

Depending on the circumstances, we may decide it is best to approach a supervisor or Chief, or HR, or even the legal department to stave off a potential termination for cause, or suspension or revocation of privileges.  

If you are concerned at any point a record is being created against you, do not wait.  Call to discuss immediately.  

Also of note, if you are agreeing to "mutually" separate from a Hospital and a severance agreement is offered, or your privileges are to be revoked, similarly proceeding without counsel is ill-advised (to say the least).