February 2, 2016



I was involved in a discussion group which looked at the expanding scope of mid-level providers. A few questions arose and I wonder if you have any insight on this:  

Are you familiar with any legislation that will hold mid levels with an unrestricted scope of practice to face same legal ramifications as doctors. 

Curios as to a response. 
Dr. O

First, its important to comment that "mid-level providers", RNs, NPs, PAs, DAs, CAs, PTAs, etc etc are looking to expand their scope at every opportunity. Looking at the New York legislative docket as proof shows countless bills introduced at each opportunity for expanded allowance of services and access.  State and national professional associations are the first line of defense against such expansion, and I urge you to support your speciality or generalist societies to protect the autonomy of your practice. 

Second, I am not familiar with legislation that explicitly ties expanded scope of responsibility to liability, however, the two seem inextricably intertwined.  Licensees of all designations are subject to professional conduct standards and licensure requirements.  Loss of licensre or certification is always a looming threat for misconduct, and we live in a society where anyone may be sued for any reason, pretty much.  So despite not knowing of legislation specifically tying, in my mind there is a definite link.  

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