June 18, 2013

We continuously report on the increased scrutiny and audit activity practices are facing, and worth mentioning is for many practices the way the practices are landing on a regulator or payers radar is by their own advertising efforts. By way of example, some practices market free services, while other practices utilize marketing companies engaged in fee splitting, and others are promoting healthcare practitioners that may not have an active license or actual license.  What many fail to grasp is that while potential patients are the target for such advertisements, regulators and individuals in special investigation units and individuals in general responsible for oversight are patients too, and are seeing advertising efforts.  Recent inquiries geared towards identifying improper advertising include licensure cracking down on Groupon and other marketing networks charging a percentage, or illegal fee split.  Recently, a client relayed that a private payor cited a marketing effort by her practice highlighting a free massage to patients as a thank you as a reason for not paying, which is a new development, similar to the no-fault world.  No-fault carriers regularly try to get away with denying payment based on a regulatory compliance practice issue.

Bottom line, keep in mind when presenting your practice to the world through advertising anyone may be viewing and it is important that your marketing comply with the many rules, laws and regulations.  If you have a question on your marketing, ask before posting or printing!  Looking to utilize online marketing? Be sure you are paying a flat fee for your marketing services and not a percentage of services sold.


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