Provided by:  Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq.

May 11, 2021


Hi Jennifer, 

I am hiring a doctor to work part time.  How do I know he has insurance for his work outside my practice?  Is that important? 

Appreciate any input. 

Dr. L


I'm glad you're asking now BEFORE you complete the hiring process and contract.  Yes, it is important he have malpractice for work outside of the practice, even if he has coverage under your practice for services rendered at your location(s). There is always a chance of being wrongly identified as involved in care provided elsewhere and in this situation your policy would like disclaim coverage.  I recommend you require the employee maintain malpractice at all times for any services rendered outside of your locations, and also request your practice be named as an additional insured, if the carrier allows additional insureds.  You can also ask for the right to demand proof of coverage, or contractually secure an affirmative obligation the employee provide proof of insurance each year on renewal.   

As to any insurance or expense reimbursement for insurance you are providing - that language should also be captured in the employment agreement to be presented to the prospective employee, with language laying out on what terms you are extending coverage.