September 29, 2016

Hi Jennifer, 

Is it ok if I let Pharma in to cater lunch at my practice?

Thanks in advance for your answer, 
Dr. O


Yes, but within reason.  According to the Phrma Code (developed by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), which represents research-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies) - - 

Answer 7. An informational presentation or discussion conducted by company representatives or their immediate managers working in field sales may be accompanied by an occasional modest meal in the office or hospital setting. Such modest meals may only be offered provided that the manner of presentation is conducive to a scientific or educational interchange and is not part of an entertainment or recreational event. For example, a sales representative who is providing scientific or educational information regarding a company’s products to one or a few healthcare practitioners working in the same office, could provide a modest meal (e.g., sandwiches or pizza) to physicians and staff attending the representative’s informational presentation in the physician’s office at lunch time. Providing such modest meals on more than an occasional basis would not be appropriate.