Provided by:  Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq.

January 14, 2020



How explicit do I have to be on a licensure application if I was terminated and had privileges revoked?

Thanks in advance, Dr. A 


Veracity matters to the licensing department.  Should you fail to answer truthfully on a license renewal or it comes to light you omit on a credentialing application you may be putting your license in jeopardy.  How explicit do you have to be?  Well, explicit enough that you answer honestly.  So, start with an affirmative - Yes, and then from that Yes be sure to provide enough detail that you are being clear whether the action was based on disciplinary or otherwise.  "Cheeky" is not an adjective you want attaching to your licensure answers. 

If for any reason you are unclear on whether you are sharing enough, characterizing as positive as possible, or being too forthright, get a second opinion.   We are happy to help. The adage "The Truth Will Save You" is usually true in this instance, but certainly you do not want to overshare opening a can of additional worms. 

How important is this message?  What could the real life impact of a ”no” selection be?  Every state has a division of licensing mandated to protect the professions.  In this state and all that I am aware of, you can lose your license for not being honest on licensing applications and other official applications.  The untruthfulness may be an innocuous omission or an intentional lie to cover up a negative action - either or both could land you in hot water.