September 9, 2020

Hi Jen-

I'm looking to open another practice in New York. Is now the right time to sign a new lease?

Stay Safe!
Dr. A 


Tough to say.  Really depends on your plans and timing.  Landlords, in general, are not a reasonable class, with not many exceptions during the pandemic.  The rationale behind the tough veneer is the fact that many owe a lender or lenders behind the scenes and have their own pipers to pay.   That being said, deals are definitely out there to be made and concessions are heavier than Pre-pandemic.   Be careful if you are pulling the trigger now and you want to do work onsite.  Municipalities are definitely on slow mo, and depending on what the fall brings, may slow to a halt for a period of time.  Be smart negotiating and work with competent counsel to finalize.  It’s not difficult to walk a clear path through the landmines, but with leases you have to put the time and effort in.  The devil will most certainly be in the details.