Provided by:  Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq.

           December 7, 2017



Hi Jennifer

I do more than 50% of the work but only see 50% of the revenue.  How can I get my fair share? 

Dr.  F


Yikes!  This is a very loaded question that I absolutely cannot answer specifically without eyes on your corporate documents (operating/shareholder agreement, employment agreement, etc).  Generally speaking, your ownership/salary rights should be governed by contract.  How that contract may be modified is also likely governed by that contract.  Smart productive partners base at least a portion of their compensation on productivity - so that sloth partners get sloth returns, and productive workaholics reap what they sow. Now, if that is NOT what you have negotiated, then we have a bit of a problem; we will have to navigate modifying your deal in the confines of your current documents - which can be hard.  We also will obviously will have to contend with any partners who have been reaping the benefits of your hard work - and most of those individuals will not part with the extras willingly.

As with most situations I encounter - properly papering on the way in is much more efficient then working things out in the middle (or, even worse, at the end - which the middle often becomes once you try to rework...).   Anyway, send over the documents and we'll see what we can do... 

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