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I work with a large number of physicians who do not participate in any insurance other than Medicare/Medicaid. They (the MDs) feel that since they do not participate, then their services rendered are not subject to the multiple procedure reduction rule often imposed by carriers--regardless of participation status.


For all billing/coding questions I like to consult with an expert.  Today’s answer is provided by Jackie Thelian, CPC, CPC-1, President of Medco Consultants, Inc.

The Multiple Surgery Rule (“MSR”) is a Medicare rule which has been the most commonly adopted rule by all insurance carriers applied when a physician performs separate procedures on the same patient during the same operative session. It is as basic as the global surgical package and applies to all physicians par or non-par.

Medicare policy maintains that these separate procedures are not incidental to the primary procedure and are separately payable. The MSR is applied as follows: 100% of the fee schedule amount is allowed for the procedure with the highest unit value and 50% of the fee schedule amount is allowed for the second and all subsequent procedures.  Add-on Codes listed in Appendix D and Modifier 51 exempt codes listed in Appendix E of the American Medical Association’s Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)® book, are exempt from the Multiple Surgery Processing Rule and are allowed at 100% of the fee schedule allowance.

It is important to note the reimbursement for multiple endoscopies will be reimbursed at the full amount for the highest value endoscopy and then a percentage of the next highest endoscopy based on the relative value units (RVU) of each.

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