May 27, 2020

Several of my front desk staff are non committal on accepting return to work status.  What should I do?  I don’t see how I can keep them but I’m not sure how to fire someone who is already on unemployment? 

Thank you in advance.  

Dr. S 


Many of your colleagues are facing similar challenges.   I recommend a memorializing email with staff after any phone conversation on your reopening plan.  Set a firm commitment date and be definitive that if the employee does not return or notifies they cannot return by the definitive date their position will be deemed resigned and/or you cannot rehire, whichever may apply.  Some may find it necessary to remind employees that in order to qualify for unemployment benefits, employment must not be available... 

Just a tip - As previously covered, most staff members will be looking to management to set forth a PPE and protective measure plan before they consider returning.   Try a proactive approach in presenting your plan prior to expecting a commitment to return.  

A secondary consideration for many - PPP makes now and the next several weeks critical for employee count.  You have a few weeks left to hire to meet FTE count for expenditure.  

K&K Recommended Roadmap to Re-Open
Written Protocols for Restoring staff. Adopting best practices for screening and cleaning. Protecting from liability.
We have finished COVID Protocols for Staff and Patients, specialty specific.  If you have not told us yet you want a copy, email me directly.   We are charging a nominal fee ($250) for compiling to cover the collective time expenditure it took us to prepare.