June 23, 2016


Hi Jennifer,

A dissatisfied patient asked me to claw back a bill I transmitted to Medicare and was paid for, because she claims I did not spend enough time with her and I was rude. I don't agree with her; I spent over 40 minutes and addressed all concerns. I have detailed notes on the visit. What do you recommend? I believe the patient is looking to save on her lifetime maximum.

Dr. L


Doctor, you answered your own question in my view - you believe the services were properly rendered and documented accordingly. Telling Medicare any differently by notifying of a change in your right to reimbursement would constitute fraud, based on the details provided; you rendered the service, and you documented accordingly.  The patient sounds like a problem. I'm sure there is a risk of reporting by her to certain agencies.  Let's talk offline and develop a specific plan of attack, which may include terminating the patient from the practice.