February 21, 2017


Hi Jennifer,

Email makes me nervous.  Can I send test results by email? Or go back and forth with patients on email? 

Thanks in advance,
Dr. I


Absolutely you can use email so long as:

1. the patient has consented to communication by email (adopting a valid Consent for Disclosure)

2. you are complying with the security rule (with a Security Policy

3.  you maintain adequate protections against test results and other HIPAA protected health information being sent to an unauthorized person. 

If you choose to utilize a patient portal, be sure your patients consent to communications through the portal in advance.  My recommendation is you maintain on file your patient providing you with the proper email address - with the patient's signature (which can all be done electronically if you have an electronic patient sign up). 

If you're nervous about implementing email into the practice, call us for a consultation to ensure you have required policies and are properly obtaining consents.  We can also help with your security risk assessment, as needed.