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Politics / What if / Can you imagine
November 13, 2020
Politics / What if / Can you imagine  
            I'm writing this article in advance, a few days after Nov 3, and the election results are not yet certain; it looks like a Biden win unless the Supreme Court intervenes. But I noticed that this article will be circulated on Friday the 13th, which if you're superstitious, and who isn't, wasn't a great day for the Knights Templar in 1307 [though that was October 13].  Regardless of the outcome, however, there are environmental and social trends that can't be ignored.  While these trends may have been put on hold or even reversed during Trump's term, the inevitable hand writing seems to be on the wall, even if Trump manages to resist for another four years.  
            What does this have to do with the alarm industry?  Well, changing times affect all industries and the alarm industry is not immune.  So indulge me while I muse [and perhaps express some frustration].  It's not just the unsettled election that prompted this article.  Today auto manufacturer Bentley announced that in 10 years it will no longer make gas powered vehicles.  That announcement stunned me.  I'll probably still be buying cars in 10 years.  I don't own an electric car.  I gave up my horses about 15 years ago because I was getting too old, so that's no longer an option.  I starting thinking about this and wondering how I might be affected and how you and your alarm business might be affected.  So, within 10 years, or within your lifetime and operation of your alarm business, can you imagine?
            If gas stations go the way of livery stables?  Try and find one.  
            A car mechanic.  As readily available as a blacksmith. 
            Your gas powered generators - gone; obsolete; unserviceable and unusable without black market gas
            Police response.  Gone.  Even if there are police they won't be responding to alarms for lack of man power, not wanting to waste their time with an arrest or fear of actually making an arrest.  
            Getting jobs.  Forget it unless you comply with ownership and employee diversity based on race, sexual orientation, maybe religion and political affiliation
            Court system:  That system is barely functioning now.
            Collecting judgments:  Forget it; it's almost impossible now.  Almost all assets are exempt from collection.
            Well, if this isn't bad enough, I'm sure we're going to have to have Mitch Reitman back for a webinar to explain all the tax implications coming my, and your, way.  Regarding police response we may have to invite Lee Jones so he can say "told you so".  
            In the meantime, I updated the alarm contracts to include a provision that permits suspension of monitoring if the monitoring center believes that signals are caused during civil unrest, riots or that police response is impractical.  Suspension was previously permitted only when the central station facility or communication pathways were down.   This update is available now at

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