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New normal - do nothing
September 29, 2020
New normal - do nothing
            DO NOTHING until…
            Thousands of small dealers are being bombarded with messages to consider multiple sources of funding to sell RMR; buy RMR; expand geographically; expand with new DIY, DIFU, MIY business models; recruit new people; and more.  
            We offer another message…. DO NOTHING…. until you fully understand the new-norms as they relate to you and your local market.  Whether you like it or not, you are not in the same business of several decades ago. Current pandemic and social unrest are expediting existing trends.  It could be suicidal to incur greater financial liability unless it is used to remedy operational weakness, not to follow traditional trends.  See several examples below.
>> When and How to communicate with new and existing customers about slow or no site-response.
>> How to sell remote monitored RMR alarm systems where expectation now is slow or no police response.
>> How to price new customer remote-monitored alarm systems in communities with slow or no police response.
>> The differences between deterrent systems and defensive systems, and impact on your business.
>> How to preserve RMR market value for existing deterrent alarm systems (slow or no site-response).
>> How/why new pressures on third-party monitoring firms can dilute your market value.
>> Life expectancy/attrition of existing customers vs new customers.
>> New generation of customer contracts.
>> Are your alarm associations friends or foe to your firm?
Lee Jones
Support Services Group
            I think one key word in message is "until", because doing nothing can't be good advice; not in this industry, where technology and many other factors affecting your business keep evolving at a pace hard to keep up with.  In fact, each of your examples above need to be evaluated, constantly, and affirmatively acted upon.  Doing nothing will likely end up with you having nothing.  Examine the examples above, and other issues, and keep moving forward.  
            RMR growth is still the key to the alarm business.  And what is the alarm business?  For me it's the entire electronic security and fire industry, so it includes cameras, access control, intrusion, fire, surveillance, environmental detection and monitoring devices, monitoring any equipment, such as computer networks to generators.  [I just signed up for 3 years of monitoring for my home generator, and had to pay in advance, and to a generator company, not alarm company. I probably should have reached out to find out if alarm companies are monitoring generators.] 
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            This topic deserves a webinar or two; Jim why haven't you stepped up and offered?  Now's your chance.  Anyone else want to present on this topic, let me know.
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