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More on Managely Software issue / Customers who prefer self-monitoring increase their risk
July 29 2023
More on Managely Software issue
          It was unfortunate that your posting on Managely software had come after I signed up for this program.  I have had issues with their customer support also.  I have been waiting for a response from them for over a month now on getting my billing resolved.  They seem to only be concerned with getting customers cut over and to start to bill them the RMR. 
          I’m a small company and made it very clear to the sales rep that it will take time to enter my data and he assured me that I will not be invoiced for the RMR until I was ready to go live with the system.  That didn’t happen as they have billed me since they have given me access to start to enter data.  They don’t even give you the time to learn the system before invoicing you for the service.  Their lack of response is not only an issue with the previous commentator but seems to be everyone. 
          I would recommend anyone looking into this product to run far away since you are just a number to them. 
 Brian B
          Unfortunately the few articles on this forum didn’t make much impact on Managely because I haven’t heard anyone letting us know things have changed or will change.  As us lawyers like to end nasty letters, “be guided accordingly”.
Customers who prefer self-monitoring increase their risk
          Janitor heard ‘annoying alarms’ and turned off freezer, ruining 20 years of school research worth $1 million, lawsuit says (
          *same idea – if only the Notre-Dame church would have been monitored for automatic fire crew response instead of depending upon non-trained guards…..
Joseph Pfefer, President and Founder
Jade Alarm Co
          As a dealer you are not responsible for limiting your services to accommodate your customer’s budget, or stupid ideas.  Not all alarms need to be monitored by law.  Fire alarms and other types of alarms in particular premises may be required by law, but the alarm industry installs many alarms that are not required by law to be monitored. 
          It’s one thing for a customer to want to get alarm signals at same time as the professional monitoring center gets the signal, and it’s another thing for the customer to self-monitor, so that no signal is professionally monitored.  Professional monitoring is a service that you provide, but it’s surely not a service you provide unless you are getting paid. 
          An environmental alarm system that is installed to “detect freezer operation and temperature” can of course be for any number of reasons, such as storing a few hundred dollars of hot dogs or scientific data with millions of dollars of value.  One of my first defense cases [yes of course I won] was an alarm installed to monitor water flow in lobster tanks.  Pumps failed, water flow stopped and tanks full of lobsters died.  Alarm company was sued and – honestly I forget what the negligence was, but there was negligence.  Well, now that I think of it, maybe it made no difference if it was self-monitoring, professional monitoring or no monitoring or even, no alarm. 
          As the alarm professional it’s up to you to educate your customer on the value of professional alarm systems and professional monitoring, especially when the alarm system is really elective.  When alarm system and service is required by law or the customer’s insurance company then it’s an easy sell.  You have a valuable life safety service to provide; don’t forget that and don’t let your customer forget it either.

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