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Comment on what you should do with customers who don’t want monitoring
May 25, 2023
Comment on what you should do with customers who don’t want monitoring from article on May 17, 2023
          Back in the late 60's and into the early 80's (before digital monitoring) it was very common for us to install a burglar or fire alarm that was not monitored.  Even in the early 80's many of our residential customers did not want monitoring, While doing the initial survey I would ask about their neighbors, was someone usually home and would they call the police?  Our policy was to install two bells (ADEMCO 1011's) or sirens (ADEMCO 716's?) outside, one on each side of the house (keep in mind we are in NYC and houses are close to one another), Typically the sounders would rattle the neighbors on each side and the house behind, so, three people would be alerted and if good neighbors some action would be taken.  If the prospective customer said, we don't get along with the neighbors or everyone keeps to themselves we would stress the need for monitoring. 
          In my opinion and no longer doing burglar alarms, you must have at least two good loud sounders, one on each side of the house to shake up the neighbors, and central station monitoring since most people will not be around during the day.  Keep in mind police response times as well, that factors in, maybe they also need guard response?
          I installed an alarm for my parents in Minnesota; the house was over a half mile from the nearest neighbor; installed door switches and motion detection, silent, used a central station in Brooklyn NY.  My uncle ribbed me every time he saw me for months about it.  He did not get the concept; it's just a phone call away.  My parents went to Florida during the holidays to visit my brother. My uncle went to borrow some chairs because the family was coming over for dinner, He closed wrong, drove a half mile to his house and the phone was ringing when he got there; central calling to say there was a burglar at our house, He was told the sheriff was on the way.  He drove right back expecting he would  have to wait for the Sherriff to show up. When he got there, two Sherriff's cars were in the driveway already, He changed his story to "them people in Brooklyn NY sure know what to do".  
          There is need for central monitoring, Depends on the situation;  Always a plus, especially the RMR.
          It’s pretty risky relying on neighbors to call the police when they hear a bell or siren.  In my neighborhood, where the homes are not close together, it’s often difficult to know which house has the alarm going off.  The other problem, in any neighborhood, is that too many of the alarms are false alarms, and there are many of them, so many that neighbors become desensitized to what might be an actual emergency. 
          Considering what consumers are willing to pay for TV and streaming video services, music too, the cost of monitoring life safety systems seems a bargain.

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