Q: What information do I need to file bankruptcy?

A: Primarily, all of your creditors’ names, addresses, account numbers, amounts owed, nature of each debt (i.e. – consumer credit card debt, medical, student loan, utility, etc.) and the dates the debts were incurred.  If you have any bank or other financial accounts (i.e. – savings, checking, retirement, investment, etc.) , you will have to provide the name of the institution where the account is maintained, the type of account, the account number, and the balance or value of the account.   If you are named as an owner or beneficiary under an insurance policy, policy details have to be disclosed.  If any of your property is secured, you will have to identify the encumbered property and provide a copy of any security agreement, UCC filing or recorded mortgage.  You are required to disclose any pending or potential claims or lawsuits by you against a third party or by any third party against you.  Your tax returns for the two years prior to filing are required as well as paystubs for the 60 day period prior to filing.  Any tax refund you are entitled to, but have not yet been received, must be disclosed.  You must disclose the filing of any tax liens or warrants.  Prior to filing you are also required to take a credit counseling course from an approved provider, and file a certificate of completion from the course provider when you file.   A bankruptcy attorney at K&K will advise you of any additional information you will need to enable you to complete the bankruptcy schedules and statement of affairs.