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Technology and Services that increase or preserve your RMR

NEW Connect ONE By Connected Technologies - A cloud service that allows the convenience to view, control and interact with all your systems on ONE screen from any web-enabled device. ONE Solution to Simplify installations, integration, management and customer support for one or hundreds of sites. Connect ONE's service will create a stickier customer base and add an additional RMR stream, also increasing the value of your company. The Connect ONE cloud lets you easily expand your traditional security systems to other services as the customer’s needs change or expand. Add intrusion, access, video, fire and other systems without replacing the combination intrusion panels from DMP, Bosch, ELK and Honeywell. Call or email Mike Simon: 815-301-4280
Micro Key Solutions : delivers user-friendly and seamlessly integrated accounting, billing, field-service, and central station monitoring automation software. Our longevity, exceptional customer service, and commitment to constantly evolving our robust software solutions as the industry changes, is why we’re trusted by more than 4,000 customers worldwide. Contact: Victoria Ferro at or 407-870-0040
Cornerstone Billing Solutions : Customer Management Software and Automated Recurring Billing in one cloud-based software platform. Cornerstone's software includes: complete subscriber records, recurring details, billing history, quotes, job tickets, service calendar, mobile tech app, inventory, robust reporting, collections, central station/alarm industry integrations, and much more. Our automated recurring billing ensures 100% of recurring is billed, increasing cashflow and creating a more consistent billing schedule. Visit us at to learn more and watch our tour. To contact Cornerstone: Call 224-577-1197 or email
Innovative Business Software : creating better quality, customized security solutions tailored specifically for central station operations. See our website at or contact Jens Kolind, CEO, at or 469 556 2822
Managely by Bold Group – Integrated Business Management Software. Managely is a scalable, all-in-one business management software solution designed to give security dealers of any size the tools and insights they need to streamline operations, increase profitability, and drive growth. By bringing together accounting, inventory, work orders, scheduling, customer management, reporting, central station integration and more capabilities in one platform, Managely helps security dealers gain greater control over their business and deliver more value to customers. Learn more about Managely and request a demo at: Contact: Justin DeBaggis, Senior Director of Sales, Business Management,, (440) 773-1673
WorkHorse SCS : Alarm business operating software solution for Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, RMR (Recurring Monthly Revenue), Electronic contracts and Digital Signatures, all conveniently housed in one unified platform. Streamlines your alarm company's processes with Single Point of Data Entry solution. Integrates with over 40 Central Stations, along with leading platforms like, Alula, resideo, SecureCom, and SecureNet. Visit our website to learn more and schedule a demo. Contact Steven Hayes 941.229.8200 or
Buying Group Program: AiN is a private buying group that commands the best volume price points on top product lines; offers unprecedented dealer to dealer support; assigns on-the-ground technical and sales assistance to builders; and provides a full suite of multiplatform marketing solutions. Contact Stanley Matysiak, President, Ain Group 1 586 242 5590 or
Verkada’s Partner Program Verkada sells intrusion alarm hardware and professional monitoring bundled together, and charges for it upfront, rather than using a recurring monthly or yearly model. A 1-, 3-, 5-, or 10-year “license” is required to operate any of the alarm hardware, and professional monitoring comes included with the license. The license also includes additional services, such as unlimited video verification, at no extra cost. The benefits of this model to customers are understandable: for one, they only have to manage a single hardware and monitoring vendor. Paying for the licensing portion up front also enables customers to take advantage of multi-year discounts, lock in fixed rates to protect against inflation, and put the licensing cost in their CapEx budget. Verkada offers dealers the opportunity to significantly grow revenue by acquiring net new customers who are in the market for a solution like Verkada’s, with its cloud-based technology and emphasis on software and user experience. Customers are also increasingly interested in consolidating their physical security infrastructure under a single vendor, which Verkada allows them to do. Ongoing revenue for dealers isn’t lost either, as the partner gets a cut every time the software license is renewed or the customer purchases new licenses. Low overhead costs and short deal cycles also helps dealers juggle more projects at once. For dealers who are interested, Verkada’s partner program provides in-person product and installation training, ongoing sales training, marketing materials, and larger discounts for partner-led deals to help win more deals. There is no cost to join Verkada’s partner program. Dealers who want to learn more can visit:
Management Software designed for security industry. All-in-One Operations and Accounting Software for Security Integrators. FieldHub is a modern all-in-one software platform created specifically for the security installer industry. FieldHub has tackled some of the thorniest operational arenas that other platforms leave behind, including RMR management and inventory tracking. All on a robust, native general ledger platform to keep your revenue and expenses in sync. Learn more about how FieldHub provides a single system to manage leads and proposals through project and field service management, inventory, recurring/deferred revenue management, and full accounting. Contact Miles Fawcett, CEO FieldHub Inc at 202.417.8196 | or
RMR billing software integrated with credit card processing - Biller Genie. Biller Genie is the most innovative and creative A/R automation platform on the market today. The revolutionary platform helps businesses accelerate cash flow, reduce administrative expenses, and improve customer experience. Biller Genie – Biller Genie’s software facilitates the entire accounts receivable process, getting you paid faster. It accelerates cash flow, reduces administrative work, and improves the customer experience. You create invoices the way you normally do in your accounting software and Biller Genie automates the rest. It sends, reminds, collects, and reconciles invoices. You can schedule the desired number of reminders and add late fees. Biller Genie sends invoices electronically via email and includes an option for paper mail. Customer payments are frictionless and can be made using ACH, credit cards, or Apple Pay. You can apply your logo and colors to all Biller Genie functions, including a Branded Customer Portal. The portal allows your customers to log in and make payments, view payment history, establish auto-pay, store payment information, and set up payment plans - creating a simple-to-use and branded payments experience for customers. Contact Biller Genie at 877-245-5374 or visit their website to learn more
Guard Response. Nationwide guard response. RSPNDR is a technology platform that instantly connects monitoring stations to a national network of licensed guard companies so that the closest available mobile guard to the incident can accept the dispatch on their mobile phone. The benefit is the quickest response time in the industry given the multitude of guards on the road. The platform also provides real-time online digital reports including pictures, a full audit trail of guard response location and times and eliminates monthly bill reconciliation of guard company payments. The platform provides full real-time transparency of every step of the guard response process which not only improves the response time but improves the overall experience by holding the guard companies to very high standards that the platform tracks and manages. We provide Monitoring Stations and Alarm companies with operational transparency and guard accountability that never existed before. Contact Frank Pietrobono at or 416-587-8714. Mention The Alarm Exchange.
Consulting: Strategic Sales Support: No Charge Evaluation. I will evaluate your current sales process and provide a set of recommendations that I “guarantee” will improve the performance of your sales team. I can make this claim because I have been doing this for more than 10 years working for a large national fire & security integrator. I feel confident I can bring the customized training, tools, and support that generated extremely large and profitable sales, to smaller and moderate sized integrators. If you’d like to discuss the possibilities, please contact Stew Sherman or (561) 212-1374. Mention The Alarm Exchange
Consulting Services. Expert Defense Witness specializing in security industry defense work. Specializing in central monitoring centers, standards and code compliance, best practices, intrusion, hold-up and fire alarm systems, access control, video surveillance, intercoms, locks and guard services. Mentorship of small- and mid-market company management, developing, implementing and monitoring budgets, goals, software solutions, vendor relationships, compliance and staff development. Contact Peter Goldring. or call 516-640-1410;
i-ACS (internet hosted card access and video service);software integrated, secure. Alarm integration is also available. Uses almost any camera, all COTS (commercial off the shelf) equipment. We store video from card access and motion events for (standard) 30 days, options for up to one year, with zero limits. Card access events are stored for one year. Reasonably priced, log on anywhere there’s Internet service. No apps to load, no helpers or 3rd party software needed. Just your favorite web browser. Onsite backup also available. Dealers welcome for video, card access or integrated systems. Great for franchise operations, multiple sites with single seat logon. Contact Mitch Cohen at Bric Security, 516.444.3360 ext. 1
CheckMyCCTV™ Enhanced Proactive Remote Status monitoring of your customers' CCTV systems and assures that you are providing the best service possible and ensuring their systems are working, every hour of every day. CheckMyCCTV™ helps you save time, money and embarrassing customer service/liability issues by detecting and diagnosing CCTV system faults or issues remotely all while increasing RMR by providing Proactive rather than Reactive maintenance support services. Find out more about CheckMyCCTV™ and our FREE trial offer by visiting at or contact IPX360 Solutions sales team at 866-790-4777
Covert cameras of fine quality in all formats, including IP, PoeIP and even built in SD-DVR. Most SPERRY WEST CAMERAS are U.S. made and are available through major national distributors. see Contact Diana Johnson Sperry West 858 551 2000
CADGEN FireCAD?. Contechnical, Inc. is now offering fully standalone CADGEN FireCAD? design software for purchase. This is same powerful AutoCAD? OEM based software we use. It has been proven and improved for many years and handles large projects with ease. This is a fire alarm and security industry-specific CAD software package which can read and create DWG? files that are fully compatible with AutoCAD?, because is built using the same platform. CADGEN FireCAD? has been proven and thoroughly tested in hundreds of fire alarm and security system designs. It's licensed as a perpetual license;your one-time license will never expire. It's powered by AutoCAD? OEM and has all the standard features and commands you expect, including advanced PDF import and attachment capabilities. Your purchase of CADGEN FireCAD? will include: Unlimited personalized training for the first six months of usage (one user per license). First year minor feature updates and technical support as needed. A pre-populated database of most of the fire alarm industry?s commonly used equipment. The Cadgen Database Management Utility, capable of letting you store your organization's database in an MS SQL database in the cloud, on an internal server or on a local client machine. A perpetual non-expiring license to use the software. Optional yearly maintenance plan can be added to include major platform updates. Contact August Conte, President, Contechnical, Inc., 41 East Main Street, Suite 108, Lake Zurich, IL 60047, 847-540-6406,
Smoke Sensitivity Testing Services. Alarm Tech Central Services is now offering Smoke Sensitivity Testing Services. For more information please contact Bob Spetta at Alarm Tech Central at (631)232-0900 or email visit our web page
MongoTel: PBX phone Dealer Program for alarm dealers. Other VoIP opportunities are agent / commission relations, not reseller / dealer / Markup profit relation. MongoTel's difference is that the you, the alarm dealer, retains customer ownership. Let's be clear: When you are looking to truly grow your business into a cash producing machine, there's only one company out there that delivers crystal clear PBX phone services that caters strictly and uniquely to the Alarm Installers community;MongoTel. The amazing RMR opportunity provided to installers ONLY by MongoTel is the elusive missing link that will take your business to a whole new level. Here's how it works: YOU provide your customer with phone service using MongoTel's Crystal Clear PBX lines, and you bill your the customer the rate that YOU set for them. YOU pocket the difference, month after month, of the difference between the low wholesale rate you are offered and whatever (often significantly!) higher rate your customers are paying you. After all, don't forget; they are YOUR customers- don't give them away! YOU deserve to be profiting from them month after month. The installations, wiring and repairs are all nice and profitable ancillary services that can be lucrative, but it's so important to keep your eye on the ball and realize that the secret to a mega-profitable, successful business is the RMR opportunity; leveraging those hard earned relationships with clients to get paid over and over again and again consistently... no matter if they see you in their office or not... by providing them with true value and reliable services for which YOU are the vendor and installer! Take advantage and do NOT miss this opportunity to join MongoTel as a Dealer ... it's the next Frontier for the alarm industry and one which is growing faster and bigger every single month! To sign up and become a MongoTel Dealer today visit or call Chaim at 718-942-9990 Ext 217
CRN WIRELESS - UHF (No Sunsets) and cellular wireless alarm communicators for over 25 years. Ideal primary, back-up or panel takeover wireless communication path for security alarm signals. Own your own UHF network. Contact:, Kim Umbrino 631-696-2769 (x328),
Printers Authorized printers for the Kirschenbaum Contracts. Contact Chris Ray (866) 543-7630
GoVivo Mobile is a branded app enabling your customer service department unique customer interaction opportunities and centralizes your system portals into the app. Keeping your customer engaged is proven to increase customer retention and the longevity of the account. Protect your biggest asset from competitive interference and customer apathy. The GoVivo Customer Mobile Interactive platform keeps your customers engaged with their system and your brand. Contact John Hoffe 760 298-1214
EverGuard-Care by Essence: Personalized Emergency Response System (PERS) Our product is an in home PERS, not mobile PERS. The in home PERS provides a wider range of protection such as fire detection, extreme temperature detection, lack of activity in the house, etc. Wireless. Contact Yaniv Amir at 917-370-9804