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Comments on politics and the future / Simplisafe
November 25, 2020
Comments on politics and the future from article on November 13, 2020
What if
            Coal and steam were around for a century;  then diesel and gas for another century.  Analog TV for century; Telephone lines for century. Not anymore. Change happens now in a decade or less. 
            Soon cash will disappear. Every transaction will be reported to the government in real time over the internet. We'll have socialist/communist government going through the reports to tax you to your last penny. 
            You're already required to collect out of state sales tax and send it to the correct jurisdiction if you can figure out what the tax should be and where to send it. Watch some old sci-fi movies. Everything destroyed, burned down, people living underground. These people didn't choose to be outlaws. They became outlaws because they couldn't pay taxes.       
                        This is happening right now. Whole families are thrown out of their house when they lose jobs and can't pay property tax. Property tax is plain extortion. You're not leasing your house from the government. You paid mortgage your whole life and you own the house. We let the government dictate our life and now we pay the price. We never learn because we refuse to learn. No, that cannot happen to us. Really?  Just watch.
            What a sore topic, real estate taxes.  What a rip-off; even worse than income taxes.  In my county our real estate tax funds politician salaries and perks, a school system attended mostly be families that pay nominal taxes, if any.  I don’t even get police, fire, water or sanitation services.  Unlike some other countries where your family can own property for generations the real estate tax structure makes that all but impossible here, at least in states that rely on real estate taxes to fund the government.  
            I expect we are in for much worse over the need few years and our predicament may be permanent, at least for our lifetime.
            I have often thought about the things illustrated in your email here. I suppose great minds do think alike. As far as a socialists FUTURE in this country would look like; Look at any other part of the world where it has not worked out. One example is North Korea. Don't forget that it was all started by Liberal education from the colleges down to the elementary schools. Example: California. 
         Really? Fortunately I don't think you and Nostradamus have much in common;  I actually think some of his predictions came true|
Dennis Stern. Esq

       I agree with the political comments in the November 13, 2020 article.  BTW, I am trying to find an article or comments on your emails about Simplisafe.  I’m in a battle to get one of my long-time friend’s business at his home.  Some guy broke his door down; his son was the only one at home.  His dog attacked the intruder and he ran; great story. But his brother in law gave him a Simplisafe kit.  Ii tried my best to convince him to go with mine.  I don’t know much about Simplisafe’s contract or its central station, the equipment they use, etc. I told my friend he can’t get parts in town and that no one will service it.  Can you forward be something?    
            I cannot comment on the efficacy of Simplisafe’s system or services.  I have posted several articles commenting on Simplisafe’s business practices and contract terms.  Simplisafe advertises that it doesn’t use contracts, which isn’t accurate, but does mean that customers can cancel at any time.  

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